The winners of the Reimagine Football Fan Experience Challenge

Leading international football organizations, including the Royal Netherlands Football Association (KNVB), Johan Cruijff ArenA, City Football Group, UEFA, and AFC Ajax have teamed up to create the Football Innovation Platform, a body that looks for innovative solutions to important challenges facing the sports industry.

This Reimagine Football challenge, which focused on Fan Engagement, resulted in 67 submissions from 22 countries. The 12 finalists, selected by experts from the Football Innovation Platform, were invited to pitch their ideas to the international football community at the Collaboration Event, on April 21 st at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

After fruitful discussions with the finalists, the winners were announced at the award ceremony. The jury has selected the following organizations to further collaborate with:

Connect the Crowd

  • CoVince (KNVB)
    CoVince makes it possible to create and distribute 3D spaces where people can meet, buy and experience.
  • FanPrime (UEFA)
    Fanprime is an innovative fan loyalty solution designed for sports and entertainment organizations.
  • SQWAD (AFC Ajax)
    SQWAD Fantile turns any bar or pub into a personalized watch party for fans with a simple tap.

Excellent Stadium Experiences

  • Filmily (City Football Group, AFC Ajax)
    Filmily is a new highly personalized and targeted suite of fan engagement solutions, that bring fans closer to you and ultimately delivers better value for your commercial partners.
  • Mycrocast (Johan Cruijff ArenA, KNVB)
    Mycrocast allows visually impaired fans to be included in parallel inside and outside the stadium without delay via audio broadcasts.
  • Neo Xperiences (Johan Cruijff ArenA, AFC Ajax)
    NeoXperiences is revolutionizing the Sportainment market with immersive and interactive real-life experiences without helmet or equipment.
  • Piing (Johan Cruijff ArenA, AFC Ajax)
    Piing makes games for crowds: fanzone-sized crowds, stadia-sized crowds, and nation-sized hybrid crowds joining in from home.
  • Twelve (Johan Cruijff ArenA)
    Twelve provides an order process combined with loyalty to keep the guest loyal to the stadium while there are various activities and organizations at your stadium.

This edition of the Reimagine Football challenge series invited companies worldwide, ranging from start-ups to established corporations, to come up with innovative ideas to help football towards an improved fan experience for two challenge subjects:

#1 ‘Connect the Crowd’

How can we build and boost an engaged (digital) fan community, while providing fans a personal experience?

#2 ‘Excellent Stadium Experiences’

How can we enhance the entire customer journey of a stadium visit to ensure a safe, spectacular and personalized experience for all generations?

The members of the Football Innovation Platform and the winning organisations will use the coming period to further examine how the winning ideas can be applied at stadiums or at recreational pitches, and to media content.

In the meantime, the next Reimagine Football challenge, focusing on sports and performance, is still open for submissions! If you are curious about this next challenge and how you can become part of the Reimagine Football community, visit for more information.

Reimagine Football is an initiative of the KNVB, the Johan Cruijff ArenA, UEFA, City Football Group and AFC Ajax and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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