Four breakthrough sessions to take the next step in transitions during the UEFA EURO 2020

The Johan Cruijff ArenA not only functioned as football stadium during the EK 2020. As part of the cooperation agreement between the City of Amsterdam and the Johan Cruijff ArenA Innovation Amsterdam, four breakthrough sessions took place during the tournament. The purpose of these sessions was to strengthen high-level collaboration with companies, knowledge institutions, residents of Amsterdam and the municipality and to realize breakthroughs for major transitions together. Each session covered one specific transition theme:

Healthy Buildings

Due to Covid pandemic, every visitor to a building has started to question more critically whether everything has been done to make the indoor environment as healthy as possible for him or her. Owners of a property need help with this in the form of a chain of solutions and control options. In this session we took up the challenge to determine what the ideal chain should look like, especially using the latest technologies and scientific insights.

The main conclusions of this session were that together more can be done to make buildings a healthier environment and mutual alignment can help to strengthen each other as chain partners. The attendees agreed there is a need to make this great ambition concrete and visible in small, manageable steps. The first step is to gather scientific knowledge and data to understand the indicators in a building which affect people’s health.

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Smart Mobility

The purpose of this session was to shape the mobility system of the future together: influencing visitor flows for the best possible journey and a safe, liveable and sustainable city. The intention was to collect commitment to further think and act around this theme, also after the session.

The session resulted in new structural innovation partners for the Operational Mobility Centre (OMC) to share data: Transdev, Amaze, NS, GVB & I&W. All attendees agreed to continue conversations about sharing relevant (real time) data to test solutions together. Also Amsterdam South East has been designated as living lab area to continue testing of the Mobility Station (Mobiliteitscentrale).

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Digital Safety

2020 was the first year of the Digital Security Taskforce after Amsterdam Mayor Halsema expressed her ambition to become the safest city, also digitally. With a position 14 on the Safe Cities Index, Amsterdam follows cities such as London, Tokyo and Chicago, but during the corona crisis it has become apparent that, parallel to a decrease in traditional and physical crime, the measures have led to a significant increase in cybercrime. In some cases with serious consequences for public order and/or health and well-being of our citizens. In the past year the Taskforce has therefore also been given several priorities, such as actions aimed at prevention and recovery from disinformation (including fake news regarding corona and vaccination policy) or online (sexual) violent crimes.

Together with our partners from the public and private domain, including the Police, OBA, TNO, Rabobank and the HSD, the taskforce is working towards the launch of HackShield - a platform for young people between 8 and 12 years old, which offers a free game about digital awareness with the opportunity for participants to be honoured as junior cyber agents of their city.

Donut Economy

The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to be a thriving, self-renewing and inclusive city for her residents, respecting planetary boundaries. To achieve this the city uses the model of the City donut, which is based on the donut model of the circular economy. The City Donut for Amsterdam takes a look at life in Amsterdam and its consequences, viewed from four ‘perspectives’: social, ecological, local and global. Together they offer a new perspective on what it is like to city means to flourish. The purpose of the session was to inspire and surprise each other with ideas how to turn Amsterdam South East into a donut economy area. And also, to get commitment to continue thinking and working together by bringing own projects towards the donut economy and working together on common projects.

The results of this session were promising! Seven new area development projects with a social and sustainability challenge and one new social project were put forward to be pushed forward to the donut economy. Also UvA and KPMG offered to help with building a Donut Dashboard.

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