Why we are here

In people’s pursuit of happiness, they seek for memorable experiences while being on that journey. We’re here to create such memorable experiences. By using groundbreaking technology and innovation we create experiences of an unmatched kind that, in parallel, have the potential to tackle even greater 21st century urban and societal challenges.

What we bring

An unprecedented collaboration platform in a Smart Stadium, within a Smart City, where we initiate, test and accelerate solutions in a real time playground and eventually scale them globally. We operate a small and smart society, with millions of visitors and dozens of partners and make talent and impact visible.

How we behave

We embrace collective thinking by great and diverse minds. We’re part of a broad eco system and act as such. We involve and include, rather than to operate in isolation or from an ivory tower. We create a safe, pre-competitive environment to enable rapid development, testing and demonstration of smart applications, solutions and concepts. We’ll provide a data-driven ecosystem where everyone who wants to join can tap in and contribute.

That ecosystem builds on three pillars

Our offer

All the organisations we speak to and collaborate with want to create value. In order to understand what your organization would like to achieve by partnering up with the Johan Cruijff ArenA, we need to determine what value drives you.

For this, we have identified the main drivers of value for our partners.

The value created in a partnership with the Johan Cruijff ArenA will be visible in multiple departments of your organisation. For example, the commercial, HR and marketing divisions can save costs or create additional profit. This links to the four buckets of value.

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We provide unique value to our stakeholders. Interested in one of our projects or want to join our network? please contact us.

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