Together with program partners Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, TNO and Media Perspectives we are investigating possible innovations and concepts that improve the visitor experience. The Johan Cruijff ArenA functions as a testing ground where concepts can be developed and tested in 'real' situations.

Purpose of the project

The aim of this project is to conduct research into possible innovations and concepts within the four themes of the SAX innovation program. The four themes are:

  • Better visitor experience before, during and after the event and remotely
  • Immersive media experiences and media innovations
  • New event forms
  • Data-driven service development

Result: Reimagine Football Challenge (Q3 2020)

How can we use innovations to help football advance in the corona era? The Football Innovation Platform (which consists of KNVB, UEFA, City Football Group, Johan Cruijff ArenA and AFC Ajax, among others) posed this question to all progressive companies worldwide. This challenge entitled "Reimagine Football" resulted in 329 entries from 38 different countries.

The winners per theme:

Fans at home:

Livelike - A social platform for football fans that adds an extra dimension to the football experience through a combination of social interaction, gamification and entertainment.

Stadium operation:

Signify - Technology that can disinfect the air in a stadium using UVC radiation, reducing the risk of airborne corona contamination.

Stadium visitors (2 winners): - An application that allows stadium visitors to view live match information and player statistics using augmented reality.

Close - A technology that allows fans to receive exclusive information and communicate with other fans to participate in the match together.

Amateur Football (2 winners):

B42 - An app that offers the possibility to remotely guide players in their rehabilitation from injuries.

Humanox: shin guards equipped with sensors that measure the performance data of players and provide insight via an online platform.

Result: Change the Game Challenge (Q1 2019)

The international Change the Game Challenge was launched together with Ajax, KNVB and ID&T. Under the supervision of KPMG, the challenge took place in the period January to March 2019. 189 have been submitted, of which 26 will be given the direct opportunity to develop in the field lab.

The Fieldlab SAX is supported by TKI CLICKNL and the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.