Partner Pitch: Livearena

Partner Pitch: Livearena
LiveArena Broadcast Room change the way you engage and make it affordable and easy to produce professional and engaging live events without people involved. Automated live video productions for your organization is your opportunity to improve employee transformation in a digital era.

With the help of advanced AI, pattern recognition is used to track the Presenter as the person moves in front of the Camera. The tracking feature mitigates the need of a camera man and makes sure to keep the presenter in center frame of the Camera source. We use advanced algorithms and text analytics to determine when slides or graphics should be shown. The AI also uses speech analyses on the audio input to intelligently decides which scene to present to the viewers, always selecting the best and most relevant output to create a polished and professional production.

  LiveArena joined the Johan Cruijff ArenA innovation ecosystem to have the opportunity to showcase our platform and applications in the Stadium environment and also to find synergies by working together with other partners from the ecosystem. We at LiveArena are looking forward to be involved in this exciting innovation community.

If you are interested to learn more about our Broadcast Room and AI Producer, please contact Mats Rydsbo via

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