Quality never stands still

Every year more than 2 million people enjoy the most exciting matches, concerts, tours and business events in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. As a multifunctional stadium, we want to give our visitors an unforgettable experience. Thanks to large-scale renovation projects, visitors benefit from more space and comfort. A super-fast network ensures a smooth and safe visit to the stadium.

Expansion of the east side of the ArenA

The east side of the Johan Cruijff ArenA has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis. A huge transparent cushion facade has been placed on the outside and inside, on the first and second tiers we have created corridors that are three times more spacious. In addition, the inside of the west side of the stadium has been given a stylish makeover. The new corner stands will be completed in the summer of 2020. These are the first milestones in the great transformation of the stadium, which will change from hollow to convex in appearance. This renovation is designed to offer visitors of Ajax, the Dutch national team, concerts and other large-scale events more space and comfort.

Extra seating in the corner stands

In 2020 The Johan Cruijff ArenA will have 880 extra seats in the previously empty sections and in 4 existing sections of the corner stands. The custom-made new seating adds approximately 475 m2 of stand area to the stadium. Access to the new corner stands is via boxes 101, 111, 117 and 124.

Each corner stand has a movable part that allows the bottom 6 rows to rise so that vehicles and material, including lamps for the pitch lighting, can enter the ArenA field between matches. With the extra seating, the ArenA and Ajax are meeting the growing demand for seats at football matches.

5G network opportunities

The rollout of the 5G network offers wonderful opportunities for better event management and a better stadium experience. This is why the Johan Cruijff ArenA, the Municipality of Amsterdam and KPN have joined forces in the 5G Field Lab Amsterdam Zuidoost. Testing 5G applications, we are working with other technology partners to see how waiting times can be reduced and safety in and around the stadium can be increased. For example, thanks to the higher capacity of the 5G network, high-resolution camera images can be sent in real time. These camera images can then be used to better guide visitors to their seats in the stadium, but also, for example, to the train station. The technology guarantees fast, reliable and stable payment traffic.