Making a leading impact

We believe that sustainability benefits everyone. We have already made great strides in the stadium and beyond. We are proud to be one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world and to contribute to smart cities such as the city of Amsterdam.

Of course, we are not doing this alone. We work together with parties who, like us, want to make a positive impact on society and have innovation in their DNA. By keeping moving and always looking for new opportunities, sustainability has become inextricably linked to the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Our approach to sustainability

To minimize the footprint of the stadium and its visitors, we use a mix of proven sustainability measures and innovative technology. The stadium is the perfect testing ground for developing and testing innovations. Wherever possible, we take every opportunity to work on sustainability projects, big or small. The good thing is that these projects often benefit not only the stadium but also the immediate surroundings and society.

Electricity: Green and smart

More than 4,200 solar panels on the roof and a wind turbine in Oudendijk supply green energy to the ArenA. We also develop and implement breakthrough systems that make our energy consumption smarter and more sustainable. Our environment also benefits from this.

Heating, cooling and water consumption

We keep the turf in optimal condition and frost-free with residual heat from the Amsterdam heating network. Via a separate cooling network, water from the nearby Ouderkerkerplas meets the demand for cooling in the stadium’s offices and changing rooms.

The roof of the Johan Cruijff ArenA offers space for solar panels and, for example, we also reduce water consumption by cleverly adjusting the flow in urinals.

A novel approach to waste

Our approach to waste applies a circular idea as much as possible: minimizing waste and high-quality recycling. By making it easier to collect waste separately, we are gradually reducing the amount of residual waste. Reducing waste is also a key objective in our catering industry.

At the same time, we take advantage of creative opportunities to use waste. Therefore, tons of grass mown from the pitch find its way to the Amsterdam farm De Dikhoeve. Here the goats produce milk for the one and only real ArenA cheese, which is not only available on cheese boards in our sky boxes but also in select shops and restaurants.