Partnership Slinger x Johan Cruijff ArenA

Partnership Slinger x Johan Cruijff ArenA
Since winning the Reimagine Football Challenge last year, Slinger is an established partner op the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Slinger offers visitors of our events the possibility to match with other visitors through their widget on our website to share a ride to one of our events. It is more fun, cheaper and a more sustainable choice.

About Slinger

Slinger matches visitors of events and give them the most enjoyable ride-sharing experience you can imagine. 60 to 85 percent of CO2 emissions from sporting events and festivals are caused by transport. But the seats in visitors' cars are only 50 percent full. This is something that has not been left unnoticed by sporting events and festival organizations. They are taking good measures to become more sustainable, but they have never really had a grip on visitors arriving by car.

What did the Reimagine Football Challenge and working with the ArenA bring for Slinger?

After we won the Challenge last year, things accelerated. Where many green initiatives have a long run-up, with endless meetings, a lot of hassle and results in the distant future, Slinger offers a simple solution for today.

The recognition we received for this from the KNVB and the Johan Cruijff ArenA has opened up a network that has enabled us to run several pilots in one year and to officially launch our product at the beginning of this year. They make it accessible to all sporting events and venues. A very big step towards more sustainable fan transport.

When it comes to climate change, we need to act more and talk less.

— Marvin Pupping, CEO Slinger

How has the challenge served as a springboard for Slinger?

Our starting point for both the user and our customers (paid football organizations, stadiums, festival organizations, etc.) is that our ride-sharing widget must be super easy to implement and use. By deploying our widget on the digital platforms of the KNVB and the Johan Cruijff ArenA, we were able to test both the implementation process and the user experience in real life.

For example, we used several Dutch football matches, but also a number of concerts in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. This has provided us with very valuable insights that are now incorporated into our sustainable solution. Next to that helped us to connect to new clients like the Ziggo Dome, FC Twente, and Union St Gilles (Belgium).


What is the future dream for Slinger?

We want as many visitors to major sporting events and festivals as possible to experience how much fun it is to ride with other visitors. The fact that you are on your way to something fun with like-minded people and share the same passion makes driving together a fun and social experience. In the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe.

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