The complete line-up of Huis van Oranje 2022

The complete line-up of Huis van Oranje 2022
On Friday November 25 and Tuesday November 29 Huis van Oranje will be in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. These days in the ArenA have big line-ups, so we've put everything down on a list for you!

Let's rewind: what is Huis van Oranje? 🤷🏾

Unsure about what Huis van Oranje is? Let's look back to something we wrote in an earlier blog...

"Imagine, you're in the Johan Cruijff ArenA with 55.000 other fans of Oranje. The World Championship is broadcast live on the biggest screens you've ever seen and together with all the fans you cheer for Oranje at each goal. Before the match starts you'll get in the right mood with a pre-show from amazing singers, we'll look ahead to the match together and you'll get to enjoy a spectaculair halftime show.

All of that is Huis van Oranje! Will you be there on November 25 and 29 to cheer the Dutch national team to victory together with all the other fans?"

Hopefully this has given you an idea! For a visual impression, you can watch the video from OnsOranje below.

The hosts of the evening 🎤

A good start is half the job done, so at Huis van Oranje all guests will be welcomed by three amazing hosts: Jack van Gelder, Soufiane Touzani and Emma Heesters. With the football knowledge of Jack, the vibes of Soufanie and musicality of Emma, the Johan Cruijff ArenA will get in the Oranje mood and will everyone be ready to cheer on the Dutch national team!

The musical miracles 🧑🏻‍🎤

Days like these are incomplete without music, so we took care of that at Huis van Oranje. Before the match starts and during the rest, a selection of the best Dutch artists will show what they've got.

Emma Heesters
Besides her role as a host, singer Emma Heesters will also perform! Louis van Gaal has faith that she'll be able to grab the microphone and sing like a nightingale in front of the thousands of visitors in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Ronnie Flex
He might be the most wellknown rapper in the Netherlands, Ronnie Flex, which means he can't miss in the selection of Huis van Oranje. It took a while for Ronnie to accept the offer of performing, it took Virgil van Dijk's personal invitation to convince him!

Typhoon is also there at Huis van Oranje. He got announced as addition to the line-up of Huis van Oranje in September at 'Ons in Huis' by DJ La Fuente. Which number do you hope he'll perform?

The last year Flemming has become insanely popular in the Netherlands: from musical kid to Dutch pop singer and now on his way to the Johan Cruijff ArenA during Huis van Oranje! Matthijs de Ligt managed to get him on the line-up, and with a song like Amsterdam it's very deserved!

Mart Hoogkamer
Mart Hoogkamer has taken care of a 'football anthem' that everyone can sing along to during the matches. He went looking for the new Viva Hollandia during a special broadcast of the SBS6 program I Want Your Song, with success! The song Mijn Oranje Hart will be performed by Mart Hoogkamer during Huis van Oranje. We're already practicing the lyrics!

Diggy Dex
Rapper Koen Jansen, better known as Diggi Dex, is another addition to the line-up. He was a part of The Streamers and gave earlier this year a preview of what he can do during a match of Oranje in the ArenA. A perfect addition!

Willeke Alberti
Everyone knows who Willeke Alberti is and she can definitely not miss in the Johan Cruijff ArenA! Someone who has been an ambassador for the Dutch national song of life belongs at the matches of the Dutch team during the World Championship. We're proud to have her!

Xander de Buisonjé
Singer Xander de Buisonjé has performed in the Johan Cruijff ArenA multiple times before and returns for Huis van Oranje! It promises to become a great evening with him on the line-up.

Rolf Sanchez
The last announced artist for Huis van Oranje was none other than Rolf Sanchez. The singer, who had his breakthrough in 2019 with a song with Emma Heesters, came on the line-up because of a bet, and he's excited!

DJ La Fuente
We've spoiled it a little bit but DJ La Fuente will take care of the halftime show on Friday November 25 during the Netherlands - Ecuador! Louis van Gaal announced early on that DJ La Fuente would take care of a show during Huis van Oranje.

DJ-duo Lucas & Steve
Besides a performance on the 25th, the DJ-duo Lucas & Steve will takeover the stage during the rest of the Netherlands - Qatar on Tueday November 29! The duo has released songs with big artists like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. The duo is also creating a special anthem for the World Championship to get everyone excited! Stay tuned for its release!

Ready to get in the mood? 🎶

We've created a playlist for you with the most popular songs of all artists that will come to Huis van Oranje. Turn on the speakers!

At what time does what start? 🕓

The matches start at 17:00 on November 25 and at 16:00 on November 29, but the party starts earlier! The KNVB has created the visuals below so you'll have all important times in the same image.

Are there still tickets? 🎫

Yes there are! The button below will take you directly to the ticket page of the KNVB, where you can score tickets for both days.

Renting your own Skybox 🥂

It's possible to experience Huis van Oranje from a Skybox in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Your own bar, own space and amazing seats are all included in the arrangements. Curious to see what the possibilities are? Click the button below for more information!

Practical information about Huis van Oranje ℹ️

Looking for practical information about Huis van Oranje? All who, what, where and when questions have been answered for you in the Everything you can expect of Huis van Oranje 2022 blog! You can also find information via the calendar items via the buttons below. You can, among other things, plan your route to and from the Johan Cruijff ArenA on these pages.

Tip for people who travel by car! Do you have empty seats? Offer your ride in the Slinger Widget. This way you'll meet other Oranje fans and give them a nice car ride to the ArenA! You can find the Slinger Widget at every calendar item.

Start the countdown! 🎉

The line-up is complete, the build-up will start soon and our Oranje shirts are out of the closet! We hope to see you at Huis van Oranje!

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