Sportinnovator en ArenA vergroten samenwerking om groei sportinnovaties te stimuleren

Sportinnovator en ArenA vergroten samenwerking om groei sportinnovaties te stimuleren
The Johan Cruijff ArenA has been added to the Sportinnovator network as a Certified Partner of Sportinnovator. Sportinnovator is the leading sports innovation network in the Netherlands. Sportinnovator and the ArenA are intensifying their partnership in order to improve the development of Dutch sports innovations at national and international level.

The partnership has already convinced TU Eindhoven to use the ArenA to conduct its research into aerosols. But there has also been a successful pilot where a digital control room and the Calculus dashboard were used to make sports locations safer and healthier.

‘The innovations that we develop and test in the ArenA together with Sportinnovator, its certified Sportinnovator centres and our partners can really help to make visits to stadiums like the ArenA and other sports locations more enjoyable, convenient and sustainable. In addition, such smart solutions can help to improve liveability in the city. And we want to play a role in this’, says Sander van Stiphout, programme manager Innovation at the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Aarnout Brombacher, professor at TU Eindhoven and member of the Topteam Sport: “The themes that the Johan Cruijff ArenA brings to the Sportinnovator network, namely sustainability and fan experience, are a welcome addition to existing innovation themes in the Sportinnovator network. Thanks to the ArenA’s arrival, the sports innovation network in the Netherlands continues to grow, and more and more partners are working together in the field of sports innovation. It is great to see how the 17 certified Sportinnovator centres recently came together in thArenA to work together on sportsinnovation. This can certainly benefit the world of sport. But not only sports, also the worlds of science, industry and government.”

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is always on the move

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