Partnership Catchphrase x Johan Cruijff ArenA

Partnership Catchphrase x Johan Cruijff ArenA
Since 2020, the Johan Cruijff ArenA has been working with Catchphrase. Catchphrase is an innovative start-up with which we came into contact with thanks to the Reimagine Football Challenge. Since the collaboration, our competition and event organization have been effectively digitized. Therefore, we want to introduce this great partner based on a few questions asked and answered by CEO Gerwald van den Oetelaar.

About Catchphrase

Founded in March 2020, Catchphrase is a young and forward-thinking company dedicated to improving sports and music events' safety, organization, and overall fan experience.

Through its cutting-edge platform, Catchphrase provides event organizers with a suite of innovative modules, including task management, digital playbooks, communication tools, and reporting and evaluation features.

By taking an integrated approach to event planning, Catchphrase ensures that every aspect of current and future events is meticulously organized and executed to create a truly unforgettable experience for fans.

Where did the idea for Catchphrase come from?

In 2017, multiple Premier League clubs approached us seeking an innovative digital solution to improve their match organization by involving employees and volunteers through low-threshold evaluations and streamlined briefings. These clubs were also struggling to attract and retain qualified staff. We believed that greater involvement of these individuals in the organization of competitions would boost their motivation and foster loyalty to the club.

Although our initial focus was on the Dutch market due to COVID-19 restrictions, we collaborated with the KNVB and Johan Cruijff ArenA to develop the Catchphrase platform specifically to address the challenges faced by Dutch clubs in recruiting, engaging, and retaining employees and volunteers.

Participating in the Reimagine Football Challenge allowed us to present our platform to well-known international football organizations

— Gerwald van den Oetelaar, CEO Catchphrase

Why did you participate in the Reimagine Football Challenge, and what did it bring you?

As a young and ambitious company, we recognized the value of having a high-profile launching customer to showcase our innovative solution. Participating in the Reimagine Football Challenge allowed us to present our platform to well-known international football organizations.

Prior to the challenge finals, the KNVB had already shown interest in our product. Although we did not emerge as the winners, our partnership with the KNVB and Johan Cruijff ArenA proved immensely valuable. By closely collaborating with these organizations, we refined and enhanced our platform based on practical feedback from day-to-day matchday operations.

By strongly emphasizing meeting the needs of the KNVB and Johan Cruijff ArenA, we created a user-friendly product that addressed their specific challenges and was grounded in practical daily practices. This focus allowed us to set ourselves apart and deliver a platform tailored to these esteemed organizations' unique requirements.

What is Catchphrase's greatest strength?

The Catchphrase platform streamlines event management, allowing you to save valuable time and energy. You can easily share specific information from one central location, eliminating the need to sift through outdated Excel, Word, or PDF files scattered everywhere.

Thanks to the Catchphrase app, all relevant, up-to-date information is readily available to team members, reducing the need for them to ask you questions on match day. This lets you enjoy the event more and concentrate on ensuring a seamless operation.

Additionally, Catchphrase's dynamic form and reporting module allows you to retrieve highly targeted information from everyone and display it in personalized dashboards. This feature helps you work more efficiently and respond better to changing situations, resulting in a smoother event.

We firmly believe digital innovations are vital to ensuring sustainability and corporate responsibility in the events industry

— Gerwald van den Oetelaar, CEO Catchphrase

How do you see the future of digitization in the event industry?

The events industry is under mounting pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. To achieve this reduction, creative digital solutions are needed that raise awareness among visitors and employees about sustainability and provide insights into the ecological impact. With digital sustainability dashboards based on predetermined goals, event venues and organizers can monitor an event's sustainability performance in real time and make necessary adjustments.

We firmly believe digital innovations are vital to ensuring sustainability and corporate responsibility in the events industry. By collaborating on these innovations, we can transform the events industry into a crucial enabler of meeting climate targets and contribute to a greener future for all.

Catchphrase and its partners can also offer a solution if you seek independent sustainability audits conducted during your event.

New Reimagine Football Challenge

We look forward to continuing a long and pleasant cooperation with Catchphrase. Did you know that a new Reimagine Football Challenge has opened this week? Do you have a great idea to improve the fan experience within the stadium business? More information and registration can be done through the button below.

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