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Co-create the future with Gumption

A problem – the outdated word for challenge – is often solved by looking at it from a different angle. And by involving people with different backgrounds and new ideas. That is exactly how Gumption guides organizations in their digital transformation. We unconditionally believe in co-creation as the solution to today's digital challenges.

Ecosystem of entrepreneurs
Gumption is an ecosystem of innovators and entrepreneurs. We concentrate on brand and customer experience, digital technology, and process automation. With these three components, we go to work for your organization.

As a city, how do you improve your services to residents and businesses? As a sports organization, how do you give your sponsors and their customers an unforgettable event experience? As a company, how do you turn your customers into fans forever, your products into must-haves, and your employees into ambassadors? And how do you leverage digital technology to do so?

We look at your long-term vision and your challenges from various points of view. We combine the knowledge of different specialists to arrive at new insights and innovative, sustainable solutions. We streamline your processes and ICT systems. We improve your business culture and your brand perception. And we bolster your policy choices with data. Everything is a single story. Doing what no one ever did before: that’s how we create maximum business value, for you and for your customers. Always pragmatic and alert for short-term deliverables with long-term impact.

From process optimization to brand experience
All Gumption companies are start-ups or scale-ups. Or at least they were when they joined Gumption. Today Gumption is an inspiring mix of young wolves and experienced entrepreneurs. We learn from one another. Because entrepreneurial spirit is like the Olympic flame. Inextinguishable.

It is fantastic to be part of an ecosystem such as Johan Cruijff ArenA Innovation Lab, with a strong focus on sustainable innovation. Today, we work with many public authorities, sports organisations, companies and healthcare institutions to tackle challenges in areas such as process improvement, safety, mobility and brand perception.

One example. iXpole, a Gumption company, automates and optimizes the sales processes at sports clubs and event organizers to provide fans and VIPs with the best possible service – before, during and after events. Since 2020, iXpole has been working with Ajax. Today, a project with Johan Cruijff ArenA aims to improve the customer experience of certificate holders. An online self-service portal will enable them to book and manage tickets and parking spaces, order catering and place additional orders. The project will go live before the end of 2021.

In our Gumption ecosystem, we are constantly looking for untapped customer value and synergies for co-creation. Visit We would love to meet you!

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