Partner Pitch: CSU

Partner Pitch: CSU
Expert, proactive, hospitable and innovative. That is CSU, the partner in cleaning and affiliated markets for business-to-business in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurship has been the 'green' engine behind our company for more than half a century. Cleaning is more important than ever, hygiene is decisive. Never before have customers relied so emphatically on a safe, efficient and sustainable implementation. New questions demanded new answers. We continue to move smoothly and quickly and we proactively offer solutions that enable customers to achieve their objectives. Together with our employees, always close to the customer.

CSU is active nationwide, with headquarters in Uden, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, The Hague, Eindhoven, Barendrecht and has moved from Utrecht to a new location in Houten. At the end of 2020, it had 15,121 employees from 129 different nationalities, an exact reflection of Dutch society. In addition to being the largest cleaning company, CSU is also one of the largest employers in the Netherlands. Taking care of the world of tomorrow, preferably the day after tomorrow. Based on that motto,CSU grows sustainably and contributes to people, the environment and society. As a people company CSU cannot and will not make the world a bit more beautiful on our own. They do this together with everyone who shares their mission to make building environments cleaner, healthier and more hospitable. For example, CSU reduces its eco-footprint through data analyses. The drive for sustainable, healthy environments is alive throughout the industry and has been strengthened by corona, as evidenced by the National Benchmark Facility Innovation 2022. By working together with customers and suppliers, we strengthen each other's sustainability goals. We make our eco-chains tangible and give new meaning to value creation. Because only together can we achieve a better balance between climate, economic growth and prosperity.

Last year, CSU won the Koning Willem I Prize in the 'Large Company' category. A prestigious Dutch prize that is awarded every two years to companies that excel in daring, decisiveness, sustainability, perseverance and good entrepreneurship. Her Majesty Queen Máxima presented the prize and visited the head office in Uden. She called CSU “a company that is a frontrunner in technological and social innovation. A company that has shown excellent entrepreneurship due to its agility during the COVID-19 crisis. A company where social profit counts just as much as financial profit,". It is a great compliment for CSU, its employees and all its relations. Thanks to the commitment of employees and the trust of customers and suppliers, CSU can continue to innovate and demonstrate good entrepreneurship. Hygiene and the importance of good cleaning became higher on the agendas of many organizations in the past year, according to the annual benchmark survey. For CSU, it is the ultimate incentive to deliver the best quality service every day.

CSU believes in innovation and digitization. “It is precisely now that developments are moving faster than ever,” says Esmée Ficheroux, member of the Executive Board of CSU. “We are exploring and leading the way with practical innovations. Customers keep us sharp to keep surprising and expect not only technological innovations such as robotics and sensor-based cleaning, but also social innovations, including the creation of opportunities for people with a distance to the labor market and innovative language and training tools. In this way we are making the facility work field increasingly smarter for customers and more attractive for employees. We do it for each other, for our customers and for the future.”

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