In the spotlight: Reimagine Football winner CoachFX

In the spotlight: Reimagine Football winner CoachFX
CoachFX, has been chosen as a winner twice: by City Football Group and KNVB. In the category ‘Champion Learning and Performance’, they convinced the jury with their 3D player animation software. At the event, we talked to Raymond Farrelly, CEO and founder of CoachFX about his participation and being a winner of the Reimagine Football challenge.

What is CoachFX exactly?

Raymond: “CoachFX is a software program that allows coaches to design 3D animations to help players understand the game. We differentiate ourselves by being a platform that is easy to use and providing high-end 3D content.”

How has your Reimagine Football journey been?

“I came to know about Reimagine Football through one of my business contacts on LinkedIn. I was curious what this program could bring, so decided to gather a team to go through the process. The completion of the submission form was quick and easy. And now we are standing here at the event, where I was invited as one of the 11 finalists!”

What do you think of today’s Collaboration Event?

“It’s exciting to collaborate with other participants of the challenge. It’s very inspiring to connect to people in the same field of Sports Performance but with different approaches and solutions. Just having conversations like this often leads to insights for improving our own product or finding new opportunities. Also, we had really good conversations with the Football Innovation Platform partners. For instance, we talked to City Football Group about how to improve not only our solution but also our business as a whole, this was very insightful.”

You have been selected as a winner by City Football Group and KNVB. What is next?

“Overall, I am really happy with the process and community where CoachFX was brought into. This event has been the seed of it all and I am excited what will come from it. Following the conversations of today, I hope to get into one or more pilots to explore how our system could integrate with existing systems at the organizations. But my first step will probably be to figure out how to get this large cardboard (winners award) back with me on the plane to Scotland…!”

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