In the spotlight: Reimagine Football Fan Experience winner Mycrocast

In the spotlight: Reimagine Football Fan Experience winner Mycrocast
Mycrocast has been chosen as a winner by the Johan Cruijff ArenA and the KNVB. Their audio solution allows all fans to be included parallel inside and outside the stadium without delay. We talked to Marcel Hesse, founder of Mycrocast, about his participation and becoming a winner of the Reimagine Football Challenge.

What does Mycrocast do?

“Mycrocast combines audio with fan engagement. With 1.25m user sessions, strong partners such as Hamburger SV and Werder Bremen are already making profitable use of this to include visually impaired people and to offer a fan radio with several languages to attract more fans natively.”

You were selected as a finalistt. What did you gain by attending the Collaboration Event?

“It was a well-organized event in a great setting at the Manchester City Academy. The opportunity to meet with such strong partners from European top football strengthens us on our journey to become the Instagram for audio in sports. We were able to make great contacts with strong partners and the other participants. The overview of other ideas and conversations showed us that we all face similar challenges and can be all the more proud to emerge as winners from this event.”

You have been selected as a winner by Johan Cruijff ArenA and KNVB, what are the next steps?

“At the event we have explored a potential pilot with both parties. One option is to include the visually impaired fans inside and outside the stadium in a new way at an international match in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. From then on, we will create a roadmap to exploit the full spectrum of Mycrocast for both parties. Fans have much to look forward to...”

Want to learn more about Mycrocast? Visit their website at Mycrocast - Broadcast in your pocket

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