How can we make CO2-free travel to events the norm?

How can we make CO2-free travel to events the norm?
The ArenA area in the Zuidoost district of Amsterdam is one of the largest entertainment hubs in the Netherlands. It attracts various events, concerts, sports matches and millions of visitors to Zuidoost every year.

The Municipality of Amsterdam, Johan Cruijff ArenA, Ajax, NS, GVB, Transdev, Vervoerregio Amsterdam and Amsterdam Smart City have now decided to work together to make sure that all these visitors come to the city in a sustainable manner. The aim is to make travel to and from events CO2-free in 2023.

Cars are currently the most commonly used mode of transport in Zuidoost. The transition towards sustainable mobility requires partnerships between (semi) public and private stakeholders, and needs a better range of sustainable alternatives for private vehicles. That is why the various partners are working together to compile a plan of action aimed at making CO2-free travel to and from events in and around the Johan Cruijff ArenA the norm in 2023.

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