Amsterdam, ArenA and KPN test benefits of 5G for city and event locations

Amsterdam, ArenA and KPN test benefits of 5G for city and event locations
Since 2018, the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Johan Cruijff ArenA and KPN have been working together in the 5G Fieldlab Amsterdam to test how 5G could benefit the residents of Amsterdam, event visitors and consumers. Various pilots in and around the ArenA are being used to examine how 5G can help to improve the safety, convenience and experience of inhabitants and visitors. From 5G-based crowd control to AR gaming at events.

The ArenA and its surroundings are like a small city in their own right, which makes them the ideal location for testing 5G and other innovative systems. A 5G Experience area has now been opened at the ArenA in an attempt to also inspire other organisations. The area features several pilots, including the 5G bodycam, Augmented Reality Gaming with 5G, and VOGO, which is an app that allows matches to be viewed in real time. Amsterdam, the ArenA and KPN are extending their partnership around 5G: this includes examining how the Zuidoost district can further exploit 5G and related innovations.

Examples 5G Fieldlab Amsterdam pilots

One of the pilots in the 5G Fieldlab Amsterdam involves testing how 5G bodycams can improve safety in crowded areas. Research shows that this allows appropriate support and assistance to be provided faster. It offers a more comprehensive insight into the local environment and increases the safety of employees and visitors.

Payments using 5G-based mobile payment terminals have also been researched. If 5G technology is used to process payments, ArenA visitors can be served faster and crowd circulation can be further improved.

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is always on the move

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