Pitch measurement device, tested in the ArenA, now used by all Eredivisie clubs

Pitch measurement device, tested in the ArenA, now used by all Eredivisie clubs
Dutch Eredivisie clubs will now use the new unique measurement device to optimize and uniformize the Dutch premier league pitches. The device, called HIPSter, facilitates data-driven pitch maintenance and makes it easy for greenkeepers to gather and visualize data on their pitch. The HIPSter was developed by Holland Innovative, a long-term innovation partner, and was tested at the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Best insights on the quality of the pitch

The HIPSter measurement kit analyzes the turf's hardness, ball bounce, ball roll, and grip so pitch managers can focus on maintaining and improving the quality of their pitches. All this data automatically loads in a central dashboard where field managers, through trend analyses and predictive norms, have insights into the quality of the pitch.

Independent pitch inspection

In addition to monitoring the quality of the grass by the turf team, the pitches in the Eredivisie are independently inspected three times per season. Clubs must meet a predetermined standard so that matches in the Eredivisie are always played on high-quality natural grass. Clubs that pass at least two tests will receive a financial contribution. In the future, in addition to the measurement kit and independent field inspections, the experiences of players will also be added to the dashboard. This data gives the clubs insight into the quality of their pitch from several angles.

With this new way of data-driven grass management, Dutch football wants to play a pioneering role in the global football industry.

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