Partner Pitch: Studio Automated

Partner Pitch: Studio Automated
Studio Automated is a company based in the Netherlands and working on Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for handling video footage on a global scale in cooperation with the Netherlands Organisation for applied science research, better known as TNO.

Studio Automated is working in three areas :

  1. Sport & Media , with automated television coverage of sports events
  2. Safety & Health, with automated detection of deviant behaviour
  3. Broadcast room / Corporate TV

We recently became partner within the Amsterdam Innovation ArenA (AIA) and will showcase within this ecosystem our solutions for safety and health. For this we developed the Virtual Surveillance Assistant (VSA). This software-solution is based on a outlier algorithm. That means it can learn what is normal in its environment and can detect AND alert what is abnormal in this environment.

This can be done on safety aspects such as social distancing and aggression detection, but also on health aspects like detecting people collapse. Also more commercial goals, like detecting the flow to and from food corners can be detected and analysed.

Beside this, Studio Automated developed state of the art software to calibrate cameras by translating the camera’s pixels to real world X,Y and Z coordinates and are able to calculate the speed of an object on the screen. Also high performing of live stitching and de-warping of video footage is one of the possibilities.

Within the Amsterdam Innovation ArenA we will showcase the possibilities of the VSA Algorithm for social distancing, aggression detection, detection of health issues and analysing the behaviour of the audience. With respect for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations which are part of the mission of the AIA.

In cooperation with other parties within the AIA ecosystem we are exploring the possibilities for commercial use of the VSA, but also the Calibrating, Stitching and De-warping technology. This is one of the examples why joining the AIA ecosystem is for us very interesting: the cooperation with other parties for a mutual benefit.

If you are interested please contact us on, via +31202444672 or come for a visit at Veemkade 344 in Amsterdam (Covid measures are in place).

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