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Levy Europe starts as new caterer

Levy Europe starts as new caterer
On this page you'll find all the information about the next step that we're taking to continiuously improve our service in the area of food and beverages. You can also find out more about what this means for you during your next visit to our stadium.

Why have we chosen for a new public caterer?

We want to offer all our visitors an unforgettable experience. That’s why we – the ArenA and our new public caterer Levy Europe – are taking the next innovative step to improve the service and stadium experience for all fans. One way we aim to achieve this is by being the first stadium in the Netherlands to offer a variety of innovative self-service options. Read on to find out more about these new options.

What can you expect as a visitor?

From January 2024 we'll introduce innovative self-service technology to the stadium, in a phased approach. We have started with the implementation of self-order screens and a hot food vending machine on the second ring, on the eastern side of the stadium. These will be in use from the first Ajax home match on January 21st, with the aim to improve fan experience with super quick service times.

There will be a phased approach to our ambitious technology roll-out throughout 2024. Together with Ajax, we'll inform visitors during the season when their area of the stadium will be improved.

What happens to the menu?

All fan favourites stay on the menu, which means you can still order your chips and beef croquette. It will be further enhanced with new food items, like the signature burger, made of 50% mushrooms and 50% beef mince.

Want to know what's happening in your area of the stadium? Use our tool on the calendar item of the match you're going to watch. You can find it by clicking on the 'visitor information' button at the top of the page. Select your section and 'in the ArenA', and you'll find the items available in your section.

How does it work?

Between sections 418 and 423 you'll find the new self-order screens where you can place your order. Watch the video below to see how it all works.

You can also get your hot snacks from the vending machines near secton 420.

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