With or without a audience in the room, always a success

Experience the safe and responsible way we organize events, using the latest technology to broadcast live to a global audience. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is an expert in bringing people together and offering an unforgettable experience. We know what it takes to organize a distinctive event and are happy to use this experience for your studio or hybrid event.

Customization is the key to a successful event that visitors or viewers will talk about for a long time to come. We are happy to advise how our rooms and streaming techniques, fully supported by professionals, can form the perfect setting for your event.

Atmospheric at a safe distance

The various studio and event facilities that we offer can be used with or without an audience. Of course always at a safe 1.5 meters distance. We have different attractive spaces available for the different concepts, so that you always use the space that best suits your message.

Fully directed to basic technique

Through our collaborations with audiovisual partner Avex and technical partner StreamingBuzz, we offer a wide range of possibilities. Do you want to be completely unburdened and do you want to offer extensive studio, direction and service, or do you choose the handy basic techniques with which you can quickly and easily provide a presentation to both the audience in the room and via livestream.

Curious about the options?

Our event specialists know the Johan Cruijff ArenA better than anyone else. They are happy to think along with you and answer your questions about the exciting options for your event.

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