Help in the challenge to reduce carbon emissions during events in the Johan Cruijff ArenA 💚 Share your empty car seat(s) with other fans via the widget on this page. Because travelling together is more fun, better for your wallet and the environment.

At every match or event in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, thousands of fans take their car to get to the stadium. Many of the seats in these cars stay empty, we can do better! Better for the environment, better for your wallet and much more fun. Because how amazing would it be to get to know fans in your own neighbourhood on your way to the event? On this page you'll read how to offer a car ride, or how to ride with other fans.

Offering a ride

Share your empty car seat(s) in the Slinger Widget on this page. Click: "Rit aanbieden". Fans from your neighbourhood or region can get into contact with you via e-mail to ask if they can ride along with you. If your confirm their request via e-mail, you can personally discuss where to meet up and how to settle any possible costs for the journey, like costs for gas or parking.

Joining a ride

If you're searching for a ride to the ArenA, open the Widget on this page and click "Meerijden". Find a ride that starts close to you and let the driver know you'd like to join the ride. There will be an e-mail sent to the person offering the ride. Once they confirm that you can join, your ride is settled and you can discuss where exactly you'll meet up. Tip: leave a nice text in the personal message field to let the driver know why'd you like to join and share your phone number, so the driver can easily contact you.