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Sportinnovator and the ArenA work together to accelerate innovation in sport

Sportinnovator and the ArenA work together to accelerate innovation in sport
The Johan Cruijff ArenA and Sportinnovator - which is an innovation and research programme funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport - have established a partnership to enable and accelerate more innovation in sport. This will be done by testing innovations in the ArenA from an operational, technical and commercial perspective. Specific focus will be placed on smart solutions in the field of fan experience, mobility, vitality and sustainable sports infrastructure. This will allow innovations to also serve a purpose in other sports or within society at large.

The ArenA already serves as a field lab for partners including with the municipality of Amsterdam, as well as other national and international innovation partners. Besides being a testing location, the ArenA will function as an international showroom for companies and their innovations. In addition, the ArenA must become an important source of inspiration for other Dutch sport and event venues.

Chairman of Topteam Sport at Sportinnovator, Harry Van Dorenmalen, is very pleased with this partnership: “We had already taken the first step in this partnership via a large-scale study at the Arena into how aerosols spread at a sports venue. This study was conducted by the TU Eindhoven, under the leadership of Professor Bert Blocken. Furthermore, the ArenA was a testing location within the Field lab at the World Cup qualifier between The Netherlands and Latvia. Our work with the ArenA involved testing five of the innovations subsidised by Sportinnovator and RVO. We are using these initiatives to make sure that spectators can return to sports events as soon as possible.”

Henk Markerink, General Director of the Johan Cruijff ArenA, is also enthusiastic about the collaboration: “We think it is fantastic that the ArenA can play such an important role in helping to speed up innovations in the Netherlands. By working with Sportinnovator, we can offer companies an international stage that will allow them to continue their growth.”

The partnership involves the following themes:

  1. Greening the Sports (Sports agreement: Sustainable sports infrastructure)

For instance, improving sustainability in sport as well as smart mobility.

  1. Fan experience (Sports agreement: Elite sports that Inspires, Positive Sports Culture)

For instance, vitality and mobility of fans, and an attractive stadium experience.

  1. Data & Sport Data Valley

For instance, inspiring people to do more with data and AI. Sport Data Valley is the national platform for analysing and researching data relating to sport and exercise.

  1. Urgent requests from the sporting world (social, e.g. COVID-19)

For instance, the study about aerosols, which the TUe carried out in collaboration with Sportinnovator and the ArenA.

About Sportinnovator
Sportinnovator is a research and innovation programme funded by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and aims to improve the benefits of innovation in sport, and to create a healthier society. The national network of 13 Sportinnovator centres is home to government officials, scientists, sports professionals and entrepreneurs, who work together on ground-breaking innovations help to improve performance in elite and recreational sports, while encouraging people to adopt a more vital lifestyle. This objective has also been boosted by the development of Sport Data Valley. The Sportinnovator programme is being run by Topteam Sport, and is being supported by ZonMw and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

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