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Did you know?

The stadium
  • The Johan Cruijff ArenA was opened by former Queen Beatrix on 14 August 1996. Trijntje Oosterhuis sang the opening song 'The sea' and Ajax played a match against AC Milan
  • Princess Beatrix has visited the Johan Cruijff ArenA three times
  • The stadium has 54,640 seats and 144 seats for the disabled and their helpers
  • Since 2006 the Johan Cruijff ArenA has 15 escalators to take visitors safely and quickly to the first and second tear
  • There are 115 cameras in the stadium and the Johan Cruijff ArenA has its own TV circuit with 300 TVs
  • The stadium has 2 gigantic video screens of 65 m2 each
  • To mow all the grass, the lawnmower must travel 14 kilometres
  • In the summer, before matches the grass is mowed at a height of 2,3 centimeter. In the winter the grass is mowed at a height of 2,5 to 2,7 centimeter
  • 10 liters of chalk paint is needed in order to line the field
  • The entire stadium has a land area of 35,000 m2. That is the equivalent of 4 football fields
  • The top of the Johan Cruijff ArenA is 78 meters high
  • The field is set at a height of 10,5 meters
  • The Johan Cruijff ArenA was the first stadium in Europe with a sliding roof. It takes 18 minutes to open or close the roof. This is accomplished using 2 sliding roofs of 37 x 190 metres. Each roof weighs 520 tonnes and is controlled by 8 motors
  • The stadium weighs 150,000 tonnes and has been built on 1,650 underground piles
  • The ArenA press gallery is the largest in the Netherlands. In total there are 186 seats: 94 for the press, and the rest for commentators and observers. In addition, there are 60 press positions with (Sony) LED TV screens for watching the match (including replays)
  • There are 17,500 parking spaces in the surroundings of the stadium
  • The ArenA SportcafĂ© opened its doors in the summer of 2012. Before and after the game you can come here to enjoy (inter)national epic matches and the Ajax press conference
  • The turf of the Johan Cruijff ArenA was presented with the 'Best turf for Premier League 2011-2012 Football' award
  • The Johan Cruijff ArenA is a sustainable stadium. In terms of energy and climate we are climat-neutral
  • 4.200 solar panels are located on the roof of the ArenA
  • The ArenA has one gold Green-Key certificate
  • Cleaning the stadium after events takes about 550 hours
  • Since 2017 the ArenA has LED-lighting. Specific parts of the field can be highlighted and this system saves 30% energy
  • During a soccer match there are about 490 stewards working
  • The royal box has a surface area of 49 m2
  • There are 76 skyboxes in the stadium
  • The safe standing section has 414 seats in it
  • It is possible to book a stadium tour. For instance, take a selfie in the dressing room of Ajax and visit the Ajax Gallery of Fame!
The Stands

The galleries are extra steep. This allows visitors to be seated very close to the pitch. The designers wanted to ensure that everyone could see all the sidelines. That is why the rows were given a specific gradient:

Second tier All rows 36.9 degrees
First tier rows 16 to 28 28.8 degrees
rows 6 to 15 25.4 degrees
rows 1 to 5 21.8 degrees
The matches
  • On 17th September 2015 Ajax played their 500th league match in the ArenA
  • Between 1996 and 2017 the Dutch team played in the Amsterdam ArenA 59 times. The first international match was against San Marino on 29 March 1997
  • On 29 July 2000 the European 2000 semi-finals were played. Ultimately Italy won from the Netherlands after a penalty shoot-out
  • The Amsterdam admirals played more than 50 matches in the ArenA from 1997 to 2007
The events
  • The first pop artist to perform in the Johan Cruijff ArenA was Tina Turner on 6 September 1996
  • Sensation was first held on 7 July 2000
  • The Celine Dion concert in June 1999 accounted for the highest number of visitors: 68,083
  • The Rolling Stones are the ones to have given most concerts in the ArenA. In all they gave 8 performances. Five times in 1998, twice in 2003 and once in 2006
  • In 12 editions of Toppers in Concert, more than 2.500.000 people have visited the event
  • The 500th ArenA event was given by the Toppers in Concert in the summer of 2006
The visitors
  • On 5 and 12 June and 3 and 4 September 2002 more than 70,000 children were vaccinated against meningitis
  • By the summer of 2016 more than 1.5 million visitors had been on a tour of the stadium
  • By the summer of 2016 more than 33 million people visited the Johan Cruijff ArenA for a match, concert or event