About this project

We are engaged by the state-owned company SONARGES that is responsible for the design, construction and management of existing and newly built stadiums in Morocco.

In January and February 2011 SONARGES opened two stadiums in Marrakech and Tangier. The opening of the new stadium in Agadir is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013. Now SONARGES is developing an 80,000 seater stadium in Casablanca.

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    Since 2010
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    Stadium development & management
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Our Services

We are selected for the project management of the new National Stadium in Casablanca together with our partners Diagonal Management and Pyramide Ingénierie. Within the project management team, we are responsible for the development and monitoring of the relationship between the business plan, the program of requirements, and the resulting conceptual design during all stadium development project phases.

For SONARGES we provided several management-training courses in both Amsterdam and Morocco. The programs included modules on: strategic management, operational management, commercial management, safety and security, and hospitality.