About this project

Arena do Grêmio is a multipurpose stadium in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It was designed by Plarq architects and it is developed by OAS in cooperation with Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense. Arena do Grêmio is home to the famous football club Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense. Arena do Grêmio opened its doors in December 2012 as the first of a new generation of multipurpose football stadiums in Brazil. It has a capacity of 60,540 seats.

  • Location
    Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Period
    2006 - 2007 and since 2012
  • Services
    Stadium development & management
  • Clients
    Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense & Gremio Arena (OAS)

Our Services

From 2006–2007 we advised Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense on whether to reconstruct their current stadium, to build a new stadium on the location of the old stadium or develop a new stadium on a new location. Our consulting services included a comprehensive review of the three preselected sites and development of a new stadium concept as part of an integral urban development project. Besides these analyses, we prepared a business plan, an extensive program of requirements, and a functional stadium design. Based on our analysis, Arena do Grêmio relocated in 2009 to a newly built site that is part of a privately developed area in the Humaitá neighborhood, in the north of Porto Alegre.

In 2012, the construction company OAS, via their SPV Arena Porto Alegrense appointed us to work on Grêmio Arena again, this time to help OAS develop the stadium and establish the stadium organization. We have been closely involved in setting up the entire organization and trained the local staff. During the test events, the opening event and since the opening during all regular events we are closely involved in the event management and we support the management team of the venue.