What is the smoking policy in the Amsterdam ArenA?

Smoking is forbidden during all events. The whole area of the Amsterdam ArenA is a non-smoking area.

At what entrances are the escalators situated?

At the entrances: Main entrance E, A, C, G, J, and M.

Where is the stage during a concert?

The stage can be in different locations:- North side setting, short side stadium.- In the round setting, in the middle of the stadium.- Panorama setting, east side of the stadium.

How many rows are there in the lower stand level?

Sections 101 / 111 (main stand) consist of nineteen rows, and the other sections, 112 / 129, have 29 rows.

How many rows are there in the upper stand level?

The upper stand level consists of 27 rows. Row 1 is the lowest row, Row 27 the highest.

Which row is at the bottom?

Row 1 is the bottom row in both the lower and upper stand levels.

Can I bring a camera into the stadium?

Cameras are permitted in the stadium provided that the material is not used for commercial purposes. The use of a selfie-stick is not allowed in the stadium.

Lost and found.

Any items found or collected that are not picked up are passed to the Hospitality Desk at Main Entrance E after the event. You can reach them on the telephonenumer: +31 (0)20-311 1333.

I have lost my ticket.

Every visitor to an event in the Amsterdam ArenA must hold a valid admission ticket. If you have lost or damaged your admission ticket(s) so that the barcode on the ticket cannot be read, you must contact the ticket organisation that sold you the ticket. If you still have the admission ticket, it shows on this ticket which ticket organisation issued it.

I use a wheelchair and want to buy a ticket to an event.

No problem. We have special facilities for wheelchair users. Please make it quite clear when buying your admission ticket that you want to use one of the special wheelchair spaces. Depending on the type of event, wheelchair spaces are located above the lower stand level (sections 812, 816, 825 and 829), or on a special platform in the ArenA. Wheelchair users with tickets for sections 812, 816, 825 and 829 or tickets for the special wheelchair spaces, must be accompanied by a companion who is primarily responsible for the health and safety of the disabled person. The companion must also hold an admission ticket, known as a "Begeleiderskaart" [companion's ticket].

Access to the stadium is via the North B or South H entrances where there are lifts. Your admission ticket shows which entrance you should use to enter the stadium. Any visitor with a disability, not just wheelchair users, can use these lifts.