The Johan Cruijff ArenA recycles your cup

We believe it is important to deal with raw materials in a sustainable way and that is why we use a recycling system at each of our concerts this summer. Our aim with the system is to reduce the waste of raw materials and CO2 emissions as much as possible. Together, we can ensure that the plastic cups in which your drink is served are reused. What this means for you during your visit to our stadium? Read below how the system works.

How does the recycling process operate?

  1. When you arrive at the stadium, you can collect a "recycle coin";
  2. Hand in your recycle coin at one of our bars when you buy your first drink;
  3. For every other drink, bring your empty plastic cup with you to the bar and hand it in when you order. This way you only have to pay for your drink. No empty cup? You'll pay a recycling contribution of €0,50* per plastic cup;
  4. Had your last drink? Bring your last plastic cup to one of our bars or one of the designated bins.

Thank you for helping us keep our stadium clean!

Lost cup, bottle or recycle coin?

Then pay €0,50,-* euro for a new cup.

*No refund possible.

Where do I get my recycle coin?

Our employees will hand out recycle coins up until 15 minutes after the start of the show. If you arrive late, you can collect your coin from one of the stewards at the entrance.

When I leave the Johan Cruijff ArenA, where do I leave my plastic cup or recycle coin?

When you're ready to leave, you can return your plastic cup to one of the bars you pass on your way out of the stadium or drop it in one of the designated bins. Any leftover recycle coins can be dropped off at one of the bars as well.

What happens to the returned plastic cups?

We make sure that all plastic cups used at the concert are collected separately and delivered to one of our waste production partners after the event. They turn the plastic cups into PET pellets, from which plastic cups are produced.