The Amsterdam ArenA has opened its doors to the first Big Data Hub in the Netherlands

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Opens First Big Data Hub
Unique public-private testing ground and marketplace for big data innovation

The Amsterdam ArenA has opened its doors to the first Big Data Hub in the Netherlands. In this testing ground, entrepreneurs can share data collected by governments and scientists to develop data-driven innovations. The Big Data Hub is a field lab for initiatives related to entertainment and media, mobility, safety and sustainability. Projects include applications for visitor flow control, for example, optimizing the visitor experience, safety enhancements, better use of water and electricity, and conveying information faster and more effectively to emergency services.

At the core of the Big Data Hub is the Big Data Value Center, an open innovation platform and networking organization, with Amsterdam ArenA as the field lab surrounded by a dynamic ecosystem of companies: the Amsterdam Innovation Arena.

Testing ground for concepts and data sets
Big Data Hub focuses on SMEs and technology start-ups aiming to develop innovative applications using the data on offer, whether or not they combine that with their own data. One of the features developed for this specific purpose is the integrated control room, which combines all the data on mobility flows, utilities and security cameras in information for the various stakeholders. Examples include crime prevention and regulating optimal evacuation routes using LED floor lighting. Transportation companies can streamline mobility better during peak hours. Energy, waste and water companies can use this data for preventive maintenance or to boost the sustainability of their processes. During events, the data can be used on social media and smartphones to enhance the experience, allowing visitors to follow players on the field or even take and share pictures. Hub participants can test such concepts and their own ideas and data sets in this operational environment.

Connecting supply and demand
Big Data Hub connects companies and local governments that, on the one hand, have access to large amounts of data and, on the other hand, the startups developing applications for these datasets.

The Hub partners – KPMG, Chamber of Commerce, TNO and Commit2Data – bring interested parties together, supporting the development of Big Data innovations with their own expertise and facilities. “And this is happening while business goes on as usual,” explains Jan Wester, Director of the Big Data Value Center. “The integrated control room is set up so that development activities won’t disturb operations. Big Data Hub is connecting supply and demand, big and small, public and private in a structured, pragmatic way to let the testing ground run as effectively as possible.”

The first Big Data Hub in the Amsterdam ArenA is a field lab for creative technical innovations. “Looking ahead to the European Championship in 2020, Amsterdam ArenA wants to become the most innovative stadium in the world,” says Henk van Raan, Director of Facility Management & New Business Development. “Big data solutions developed for our stadium by the parties collaborating in this hub can be scaled up to fit the other EC host cities or similar locations, such as Schiphol and the Floriade that face similar streams of visitors and security challenges.”

First of four Big Data Hubs
The Big Data Hub in Amsterdam’s Metropolitan Area is the first of four hubs and its main focus is on the creative industries. The Big Data Hub for Security and Logistics in The Hague/Rotterdam Metropolitan Area will follow by the end of this year. And by the end of 2017, the hubs in Northern Netherlands (Energy) and North Brabant (Manufacturing) should also open.

National innovation program, Commit2Data
The Big Data Hubs are components of Commit2Data, the national innovation program that aims to bring together entrepreneurs and scientists in new public-private partnerships that will enable them to explore new business models  and opportunities for big data. The Hubs are focused on the strongest regional clusters and ecosystems. The Big Data Hub in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a partnership between the Big Data Value Centre, TNO, Chamber of Commerce, KPMG, the Amsterdam Innovation Area and dutch digital delta/Commit2Data.

About Amsterdam Innovation Arena
Innovation is in our DNA. Since the first foundation stone was laid in 1993, Amsterdam ArenA has been the state-of-the-art stadium in Europe with its moveable roof and multipurpose use. Now, 20 years later, the ArenA is completely embedded in its environment and is the heart of a small town. Amsterdam Southeast is a unique location where mobility, sustainability, fan experience, security and digital connectivity are combined in an open innovation platform, in which the development and testing of Smart Stadium and Smart City solutions are key. Working with our partners and other stakeholders we gather knowledge and create a vibrant ecosystem where innovation thrives.