New indoor mobile network at Amsterdam ArenA

Unique collaboration between KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile

KPN has installed a new indoor mobile network that provides high-density coverage throughout the Amsterdam ArenA stadium. The new network was installed in collaboration with T-Mobile and Vodafone, with KPN acting as system integrator. From now on, everyone who visits the ArenA will be able to make mobile calls and access mobile websites using 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technology. The antennas installed at the stadium support the very latest mobile technology standards. Amsterdam ArenA is now one of the most advanced stadiums in Europe in this respect. The network is designed and constructed to make it easy for mobile operators other than KPN to connect their networks to it. This was made possible by constructive cooperation between KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile. Vodafone and T-Mobile customers will also benefit from significantly improved mobile coverage.

Henk Markerink, Managing Director of Amsterdam ArenA: “Amsterdam ArenA aims to provide the best possible service and quality for those who visit the stadium. Creating a smartphone-compatible stadium is part of this. The new network makes Amsterdam ArenA a state-of-the-art stadium. Now that connectivity in the stadium has been improved, an increasing number of visitors are checking in with social media sites and mentioning that they are at the ArenA.”

Edwin van der Sar, AFC Ajax Marketing Director: "As far as we are concerned, the new mobile network will play an important part in enabling us to maintain a strong relationship with our fans in the stadium. It will also help to enhance their experience. As well as sharing their experiences through social media sites, Ajax supporters can also use the functionalities of the Ajax app and the Ajax Mobile website, which include news, second screen and video. That fact that the ArenA and KPN have installed such an advanced network is both innovative and ambitious. This is very much in keeping with Ajax."

Unusual structures such as stadiums require tailored solutions in order to provide an optimal experience for mobile users because ‘ordinary’ external mobile signals cannot penetrate the stadium to a sufficient extent. This is complicated by the various corners and structures within stadiums, so a specially designed network is needed to provide the required standard of quality throughout the stadium. KPN’s Mobile Quality Indoor Solutions Department specialises in this area.

Amsterdam ArenA is the home ground of the Ajax football club and also hosts events, concerts and dance festivals of all sizes. The multifunctional nature of the building means that the indoor network has to meet various requirements. There must be good mobile network coverage not only for all 53,000 seats but also on the pitch, which is used during events. To ensure that this is the case, KPN has installed than 40 separate antennas systems in the roof of the ArenA with scalable capacity so the network can keep pace with increasing data volume in years to come.

Jacob Groote, Vice President Mobile Operations at KPN’s NetCo: “Smartphones are playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Customer demand for faster speeds and greater capacity is constantly increasing. Our strategy is to meet this need, so our customers always experience excellent mobile service wherever they are. Each network operator usually has its own antennas. But at Amsterdam ArenA all mobile operators have to be able to use all of the antennas in the new mobile network. I am proud that we have managed to achieve this and that, as one of the founding partners of the ArenA, we can enhance the mobile user experience throughout the stadium with this new network.”