Municipality of Amsterdam and Amsterdam ArenA sign innovation deal

In order to secure a position for the Amsterdam ArenA – the largest football stadium in The Netherlands and the home of AFC Ajax –as the most innovative stadium, the ArenA signs an innovation deal with the Municipality of Amsterdam. Over the next few months, they will develop a joint strategy focused on areas including smart IT applications in the field of crowd management, the development of energy grids, connectivity and applications for visitors to the ArenA and its surroundings using tablets and smartphones in the stadium. This is the first innovation deal the Municipality signs with a local Amsterdam company.

Innovation and sustainability are necessary to promote economic growth and prosperity in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. For this reason, Alderwoman Carolien Gehrels of the City of Amsterdam and Henk Markerink, CEO of the ArenA, sign the first innovation deal. The official document contains agreements between the Municipality and the stadium to boost innovation in and around the stadium. This involves innovations including smart technological applications for the use of tablets and smartphones in the stadium, and new methods of crowd management in the stadium area. In addition, the ArenA intends to develop into a laboratory for companies to test their inventions and ideas – the Living Lab. The innovations that will be applied in the Amsterdam ArenA will be promoted by the ArenA and their national and international partners for application in other stadiums and/or sports and recreation areas.

Amsterdam Smart City
According to Henk Markerink, CEO of the Amsterdam ArenA, it is necessary for the stadium not to work alone, but to involve partners in the realization of innovations, with a particular focus on collaboration. ‘We want to invent and execute innovative projects together with the Amsterdam Economic Board and Amsterdam Smart City – projects that in the long run may be interesting from a financial and commercial point of view, that underscore the state-of-the-art position of the ArenA and that at the same time contribute to enhanced sustainability and quality of life. We, the ArenA, are happy to accept the challenge in cooperation with other companies, research and educational institutes, the Municipality, citizens and visitors. The Economic Board provides significant support in this respect, helping us to find the right innovation partners,’ according to Markerink.

Key objectives
The innovation deal, an initiative of the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City, the Municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam ArenA, contains agreements including the agreement that the parties concerned will help each other to develop innovations.
The innovation deal focuses specifically on innovation in the following five areas:
1. Mobility and accessibility
2. Experience of the visitors to the ArenA area
3. Energy and sustainability
4. Entertainment and Fan experience
5. Safety and security

In the field of sustainability, the ArenA and the Municipality already reached agreement in an earlier phase by signing the Green Deal. The Amsterdam ArenA carries out the sustainability programme in conjunction with a total of almost forty Green Deal partners who invest time, knowledge, services and funds in the greenification of the ArenA. They help the Amsterdam ArenA to reduce CO2 emissions by using smart transport, reducing waste, saving energy, using clean sources of energy and providing or contributing to innovative and sustainable solutions.

Powerful metropolitan region
The Municipality of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Economic Board would like to assist the Amsterdam ArenA in realizing their ambitions. Innovation is not something that can be planned at the drawing board in the city hall. Innovation must be created in the city itself. It is important because it contributes to a sustainable and economically strong metropolitan region. The Amsterdam ArenA has high ambitions in this area, and the present deal represents a clear manifestation of the support of the Municipality of Amsterdam. By signing the present innovation deal, Alderwoman Carolien Gehrels will confirm this support.
The agreement furthermore states that the Municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the Amsterdam ArenA will compose a team to convert all kinds of ideas into concrete reality. The results will be laid down in a long-term innovation programme.