Experimenting in the Amsterdam ArenA pop-up city

Up until Sunday, March 6th, smart people can submit ideas to the innovation contest run by the Amsterdam ArenA and its partners. The innovation contest is part of the collaboration between several major companies that are developing innovative solutions in the Amsterdam ArenA, conducting tests in the ArenA’s Innovation Center and at events at the stadium.

Companies, start-ups, technicians, students and other smart people are welcome to share their ideas on the open platform innovationarena.amsterdam.nl. The best ideas will get developed and tested in the Amsterdam ArenA Innovation Center, and even tried out during stadium events. A few times a month, the stadium turns into a pop-up city filled by more than 50,000 visitors – about the same as medium-sized municipality. A packed Amsterdam ArenA is one of the largest innovation labs in the Netherlands.

Calling innovative entrepreneurs

The innovation contest closes before the large-scale renovation of the Ajax stadium starts later this year. The renovation is not aimed at creating more space for seating, but on improving service, quality and sustainability. Thus, there will be more restrooms, escalators, elevators and places to eat, and the design will be more spacious. In addition, the ArenA wants to improve its facilities and to achieve that, along with its innovation partners the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City, TNO, KPN, Microsoft, KPMG and Huawei, the stadium calling for innovative entrepreneurs to come forward with their good ideas. Key themes include: optimal safety, reducing the waste mountain, offering healthy food and online connections for visitors.


A jury consisting of the Amsterdam ArenA innovation partners will examine the submitted ideas. Contest entrants will receive feedback on their ideas in the form of a short review within one month of the closing date, March 6, 2016. The best plans will be tested and implemented in the ArenA.