Amsterdam ArenA awarded Golden Green Key

The Amsterdam ArenA’s sustainability measures have paid off: the stadium has been awarded the Golden Green Key Certificate. The Golden Green Key is the highest tier of this international sustainability quality mark for tourist and business accommodation.

The Green Key programme allows certificate holders to differentiate themselves from the competition by demonstrating that they meet strict standards for power consumption, transport management, water consumption, catering, cleaning and waste disposal, to name a few examples. Organizations are required to implement a set of minimum measures in order to be awarded the Green Key Certificate. Apart from these, they can take additional measures which will determine the certificate tier: bronze, silver or gold. Implementing a large number of sustainability measures has won the Amsterdam ArenA the highest possible tier: the Golden Green Key Certificate.

Abundance of measures
The largest stadium in the Netherlands has set a goal to be net energy and climate neutral by 2015. For this purpose, the ArenA has recently installed about 4,200 solar panels on the roof. Furthermore, the stadium uses district heating to distribute heat, water from the Ouderkerkerplas for cooling, and it has subscribed to wind energy for electricity. The energy-efficient main building is equipped with a high-tech building automation system, while eighty per cent of the lighting consists of LED lights that are partly controlled by motion sensors. The ArenA aims to reduce water consumption, contributes to reducing waste and separates its waste for recycling as much as possible. Further details are available in the 2012-2013 Sustainability Report online at

Green Key in the Netherlands
Green Key is an international label. There are over 2,600 Green Key accommodations around the globe, and over 600 in the Netherlands. Responsible for the assessment and evaluation of quality mark applications and the awarding of certificates in the Netherlands is the Foundation for Environmental, Safety and Quality Certification (Dutch abbreviation: KMVK). The Amsterdam ArenA certificate is valid for one year, after which the KMVK will reassess whether the Amsterdam ArenA still meets the quality mark standards.