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Want to arrange a meeting in an unique environment? Then choose the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Our meeting rooms can be linked together to ensure your guests always have sufficient space.

The rooms are named after international finals. In this case the 1969 finals in Madrid. Apart from a bar, this space also contains a mini museum themed around this final. Your guests can reminisce about their heroes of the past and present.

Hiring a room? You and your guests will enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour

Behind the club of 100

Thanks to the adjustable coloured LED lighting system, you can add your own atmosphere to this room. Use the extra-large projection screen for a professional presentation for a larger audience. With the LCD screen behind the bar, you have the option to give your company or brand additional presence.

Madrid '69 is easy to link to the Parijs '69 room for an elaborate lunch, coffee buffet or for breakout sessions.

Possible setups
  • Theatre
    60 persons
  • Cabaret
    30 persons
  • Reception
    75 persons
  • Diner
    50 persons
  • Buffet
    50 persons

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