Sustainable stadium-seat-project of the Amsterdam ArenA delivers Thousands of euros to the Ajax Foundation

The sales of the old stadium-seats of the Amsterdam ArenA delivers the Ajax Foundation an amount of €15.723, -. This was announced in the half time of the football match between Ajax and Roda JC. last sunday at the Amsterdam ArenA.

The Amsterdam ArenA replaced all their stadium seat during the past months. The ArenA has turned completely red-white, which fulfils the long-cherished wish of the Ajax-supporters. Only the seats at the main stands still need to be replaced.


It was really important for the Amsterdam ArenA to find a way to process the old stadium seats in a sustainable way. This is why the stadiums seats should have a second life. Office organizer Ahrend, Ajax and the Amsterdam ArenA collaborated to sell the old seats: a loose backrest and sitting, which the buyer could convert in a seat themselves; a seat with a base of steel and a seat with a base of wood. The profit of the sales of these seats are for the Ajax Foundation, who supports some youth programmes in Amsterdam with it.

MORE THAN 10,000

These three variants of the stadium-seats went on sale in October. Over 7,000 loose backrests and sittings were sold on the digital fanshop of Ajax. From the other two variants, approximately 3,500 pieces were sold. These new variants were designed by Koninklijke Ahrend bv and her socially responsible venue Presikhaaf school furniture. This venue produces the seat at cost price. Also a part of the old ArenA-seats were donated to clubs in the Netherlands, Curacao and Suriname.


“The red seat sold the best by far – so I suspect we particularly made a lot of Ajax-supporters happy with this project”, suggest Henk Markerink, CEO of the Amsterdam ArenA. He follows up: “as one of the most sustainable stadiums in the world we need to keep our name high. It was a more logical to choose for circularity, in other words sustainable reuse of the seats. We delivered together with Ajax, Ahrend and Persikhaaf a good solution of this, which in addition worked out really well for the Ajax Foundation.”


From the moment the stadium-seats went on sale, the orders came in by bunches. The ArenA, Ajax, Ahrend and Presikhaaf had never expected this many orders. Because all the seats are made, packed and send by hand, a lot of the orders delayed. On this moment everything is nearly back on schedule. The last seat will be delivered soon. At this moment all the seats are as good as sold out.